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Summit Capital Management has developed a host of services and products that are delivered through our many qualified and results-driven Financial Advisors.

Although all our staff are always here to assist, clients are allocated a personal Financial Advisor who becomes your essential point of reference. Coupled with the resources of our firm, your Financial Advisor will help you attain your financial targets.

Your Personal Financial Advisor has a broad range of products to offer you. Showing full dedication and commitment, they will listen and will come to understand your financial goals, grasping your investment objectives whilst assessing your preferred limitations of risk:

They will help you look at investment options and deliver advice within your time frame of choice.

Guiding you with realistic expectations and risks involved, your Financial Advisor will discuss short and long-term investment options with you.

Your Financial Advisor is available to talk with you about your investments and will assist with updating your customer profile and status.

Information about your portfolio and accounts, including transaction details, will be delivered in a timely manner or upon your personal request with your Financial Advisor.

In addition to your financial advisor, all customers have access to our client advocate, who listens to any concerns you have, problems you face, or issues you are experiencing regarding your account.

Your belief and trust of your Financial Advisor is a significant part of the relationship and we are confident you will experience this.

We ask that you help your Financial Advisor help you by showing commitment and by working together towards your investment objections:

Be upfront about your goals and objectives and provide accurate information about your expectations.

Your Financial Advisor’s recommendations should be accepted or rejected in a timely manner.

Accept that investments carry risk and you not always have acceptable returns in all cases.

Talk about and discuss anything you don’t understand or simply ask questions regarding any part of your business with us.

Your feedback is essential for us to improve our service to you.

Summit Capital Management’s success and reputation is made stronger and more secure everyday due to its people who deliver services, relevant advice and support at the highest level. Combining proven and demonstrated experience from past and current team members , our commitment and individuality has allowed us to develop solid financial products and specialized investment techniques.

Our researches look for high-return blue chip and cap stocks letting you build a stable and diverse portfolio. Summit establishes a good understanding of client strategies and then utilizes the skills and talents of our team to reach the client’s financial objectives.

Your Personal Financial Advisor will introduce a cross-section of products and services toy each client. Recommendations will include equity stocks and a strong focus on small cap stocks. Mixing bonds, CDL’s, depository receipts and various financial instruments , client’s are open to a wide variety of investment choices and are able to spread their risk return over multiple layers and markets.

The opportunities uncovered by our ever alert and serious research professionals are always introduced to clients when they are discovered, rather than waiting for client’s to make their own enquiry. The nature of this practice has ensured the continual return of client orders and allows you to maximize profits.

Helping to diversify client’s portfolios, our services will include big cap and blue chip stocks but we frequently uncover opportunities to take advantage of small cap stocks. Summit will often recommend these type of stocks or others that have relatively small market capitalization between $300 million and $2 billion.

Stocks that are "small" do not always ensure higher returns. However, our experience shows us that "big" does not always mean less risky either. We like small cap stocks primarily because returns are usually higher and not as closely monitored by Wall Street analysts, so institutional investors are usually left behind allowing our client's to take advantage of new investments.

Our team will look for high-return blue chip and cap stocks allowing you to build a stable and diverse portfolio.