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Summit Capital Management’s focus of delivering outstanding results is driven by the vision of our people and the way we work with our clients. Our people are responsible for the overall success of our company and the future growth of your wealth.

Summit Capital Management’s success and reputation is made stronger and more secure everyday due to its people who deliver services, relevant advice and support at the highest level. Combining proven and demonstrated experience from past and current team members, our commitment and individuality has allowed us to develop solid financial products and specialized investment techniques. Our team of researches look for high-return blue chip and cap stocks allowing you to build a stable and diverse portfolio.

Our ability to access, analyze and interpret the vast spectrum of global markets is made possible by the knowledge our talented and professional staff bring to our clients. Operating across the world means we need people from around the world, each bringing new ideas and creativity. The result is a truly global company with multiple, global products and services.

Summit Capital Management has blended together a valued group of individuals, all who bring unique and special qualities and experiences to our clients. Understanding cultural differences, examining variations of global markets and encouraging individual thought, ideas and philosophies produces the dynamic outcomes our company is striving towards.

Communicating transparently whilst embracing specialized talents and experiences enables our people to create superior relationships with our clients. Added to this our desire to remain competitive and therefore be open to ever-changing financial conditions and demographics has created a spirit of inclusion amongst our personnel and clients alike.

Your relationship with Summit Capital Management is about more than investing money. It’s about sharing your aspirations and building a relationship with your Financial Advisor. But you will also receive comprehensive support from our all members of staff from administration personnel to senior and executive management – we are team of dedicated professionals and experts and we welcome our clients to experience this with us.

Summit Capital Management is an investment consulting firm providing investors with various strategies and guidance across a broad range of global investment products and services including equity stocks, small cap stocks, bonds, CDL’s, depository receipts and other financial instruments.

We give solid advice to company directors, CEO’s, Member and Board Associates and Principals including senior management and also to the individual investor.

Our professional global team of Financial Advisors and Management can help with planning corporate direction, implementing business strategies and with tailoring investment choices for individual investors.

The distinctive elements of Summit Capital Management are delivered by several positive and innovative methods:

Insight: Using financial problem solving and multiple faceted research and development methods, client goals and problems become our central focus. Summit Capital Management is driven by this insight to deliver success.

Impact: Consideration of all critical issues are assimilated into complex decisions regarding the direction of client portfolios creating long lasting and successful results.

Experience: Using proven processes and innovative skills, our Financial Advisors, management and advocate advisors offer real, global experience to clients. By attracting the right people client profit goals and return risk restrictions are valued and monitored and different investment opportunities are offered.

Relationships: With underpinning professional service to clients and partners alike, Summit Capital Management is driven by the need to establish excellent relationships that last. Our success reflects the level of solid relationships we create and results for our firm and clients become one in the same.

Flexibility: Through analyzing capital requirements, we remain open to ever changing markets and trends and do not limit our recommendations and advice to dominant market trends. Our attitude changes with the needs of our clients and we will always deliver relevant and wanted advice that aligns with our client’s expectations regarding short and long-term investment options.

The combined result of these methods is a truly global company with multiple, global products and services.